Facilities and Resources



We offer all our courses online as we endevour to be flexible for our students across Canada. Classes are set up on Moodle as 8-week sessions and students are able to begin a course any time of the year. Moreover, students can access, review and download course materials at their own convenience, using our Moodle database as an expedient and valuable resource.




The Institute houses its library holdings at the University of Winnipeg Library (Main Branch, 515 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB). Local students can access these resources in person and can check out resources with a community reader card (available at the UofW Library). Online students can access these resources through inter-library loans if they have a library card for a participating university. 


To browse/search the Saint Arseny Orthodox Christian Theological Institute Collection, click here. The database is an excel file, organized by library-of-congress number. To search, use the "Find" function (located in the Edit menu) and enter in a keyword of either the title, author, publisher, or subject. 


To browse the complete University of Winnipeg Library, go to their website: http://library.uwinnipeg.ca/


Orthodox Resources in Winnipeg


There are three parishes of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) in Winnipeg, served by three Priests and Deacons who have a long experience in the service of the Church. There is also a monastic presence. In addition, there is an English-speaking mission of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and there are parishes of the Romanian, Greek, Serbian, Ukrainian, Coptic and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches in Winnipeg, where one can learn more about the richness of world-wide Orthodox Christianity.


A number of talented iconographers have their homes and workshops in Winnipeg. Their work can be seen in various places in the city. Occasionally, they offer workshops and are usually willing to make presentations or help those who want to learn more about iconography and its place in Orthodox worship.


Other Orthodox services in Winnipeg include an Orthodox book store and church goods store operated by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. Also, additional opportunities for studies in Orthodox theology are available through St. Andrew's College.