Lay Program

Focus on the Family and Laity


Theological seminaries in the Orthodox world tend to adopt a certain focus. Some have been closely associated with monastic life or monastic communities. Others have developed scholarly and academic strengths. At SAI, we strive to emphasize the place of laity in the Church and the importance of their education. Also, we would like to provide help in strengthening families and the “home church”, countering the distortion and disintegration of family life in our society. We hope to include children and families in as many of our activities as possible.




1. Taking some or all of the courses offered in the Diaconal Training Program


For the time being, laity may take any of the 19 theological courses offered in the diaconal program, for credit or by audit. They may also take the whole program for credit, to receive a Certificate in Orthodox Theology.


2. Special Courses for Laity


Special courses will be designed around particular needs and subjects of interest to laity. These courses will usually be shorter than the core theological courses, as well as topical rather than of a general nature. These courses will be publicized in advance, including on this website. Some of these special courses for laity may be offered in various locations across Canada.


3. Workshops, Panels, Special Lectures, Retreats


We are hoping in the future to begin various workshops, panels, special lectures and retreats on various aspects of the Orthodox faith as well as on Orthodox responses to various social concerns and issues.