The Administration of Saint Arseny Institute reports to the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Canada and to the Dean of Manitoba. The Dean of Manitoba is an ex officio member in all matters pertaining to the Institute. The rest of the Administration consists of:

Director/Advisor Fr. Anthony (Spencer) Estabrooks

Fr. Anthony (Spencer) Estabrooks is the former Director of the Saint Arseny Institute. He is currently supporting the SAI administration team in the capacity of Advisor. 

Secretary/Treasurer - Cameron Hay

Cam attends the OCA parish of the Holy Trinity Sobor in Winnipeg with his wife and 3 children. He is passionate about education and continued learning. He holds a B. Comm (Hons) and a black belt in karate (where he met his wife). He received his CPA designation in 2011.

Registrar - Sub-Deacon Roger Prince

Sub-Deacon Roger Prince was born in 1942 and lived in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Alberta and Winnipeg, MB (from 1974).  In Winnipeg in 1976 he attended St. John's College (Anglican) in the late vocation program to become a minister. He and his wife were Chrismated in 1982 in the Antiochian Archdoicese and then transferred to OCA St. Nicholas Orthodox Church (Narol, MB). In 1994 he was tonsured as a Reader, then as a Sub-Deacon, and has served in this capacity ever since. In July 2014 he started as our Treasurer and in 2018 switched to the role of Registrar of the Saint Arseny Institute. 

Administrative Support - Perry Pawliuk

Perry and Linda are members of St. John the Divine Orthodox Church in Windsor, ON (7 yrs). Previously attended St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Narol, MB (9 yrs), and before that The Sign of the Theotokos, Montreal, QC (10 yrs), St. Vincent of Lerins, Saskatoon, SK (2 yrs). Before that Perry was a member of Holy Resurrection, Saskatoon, SK (20 yrs) with his roots in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Saint Elias a rural parish Parkerview/Sheho SK (20 yrs).