St. Arseny Institute has been building a library devoted to quality Orthodox Christian theological works specifically related to the courses taught by the Institute and related research. The library is approaching 1500 volumes and is currently catalogued, housed, and circulated by the University of Winnipeg. Many of the books are available through inter-library loan.

A gift from the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians of America' of nearly $6000.00 was given to His Grace Bishop Seraphim at the All-American Council of the Orthodox Church in America, in July, 2005 in Toronto, for the building up of the St. Arseny Institute library. This money is to be spent on acquiring a significant number of the latest Orthodox scholarly resources available in English.

Quality surplus books also are being sent regularly from St. Vladimir's Seminary as an encouragement to our efforts in Orthodox theological education in Canada. We are most grateful to these two organizations, as well as individual donors, for making it possible for us to establish a good library.