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Readers' Programs

Who May Take the Readers' Program?

Anyone may take the Readers' Program - either lay people or tonsured/blessed readers. Those who want to qualify officially as readers need to successfully complete the sessions of the readers' program. Those who desire to be tonsured as readers (males) or blessed as readers (females) after obtaining the training, are advised to consult with their priest and the Bishop about their intentions as soon as they are clear that this is what they want to do.
When are the Classes?
The course is available by distance, through local mentorship. Course materials can be accessed through print or electronic copies, or through the virtual classroom (which is in process).
Preparation for the Diaconate
The Readers' Program is a pre-requisite for the Diaconal Program. Those who wish to train for the diaconate need to take the Readers' Program (or demonstrate competence in what is taught in the program) before the completion of the Diaconal Program.
What does the program entail
Part 1 - The Role of the Reader
Part 1 provides the student with a background of the role of the reader within the Orthodox Church. Lessons are provided with instructional materials to aid the reader in preparing the variable parts of the services.
Part 2 - The Role of the Cantor
Part 2 builds on the principles and skills learned in Part 1 as the role of the singer is studied in more depth. Lessons with instructional materials, sheet music, and audio files are provided to assist the student.